Pursuit Innovation: Pi515

Website: https://www.pi515.org/

Mission: Our Mission is to challenge, inspire and teach technology skills to students with potential -empowering refugee and underserved youth to achieve success, garner influence and gain stability in their families and communities.

Location: Des Moines (54.9 miles from Grinnell College)

Needs: Pi515 provides education, training, and work experience in technology and entrepreneurship to refugee and underserved youth, enabling them to achieve success, garner influence, and gain stability in their families and communities. Our vision is to ensure that Pi515 students are exposed to coding, innovation, and critical thinking. We hope to change lives by offering hands-on training, exposing students to real-life learning opportunities and instilling within each student a growth mindset, or a consistent, joyful determination to overcome obstacles. Pi515 offers after school educational programs that equip students with critical digital and technical skills, including coding, website design, app development, and game design. Students also undergo pre-professional development that equip them to compete in an increasingly digitized workplace. Programs take place on-site at local tech companies. The organization is looking for interns and volunteers familiar with the skills listed above to assist in the implementation and facilitation of programs. Interns and volunteers work directly with students, answering questions, overcoming obstacles, and offering mentorship and support throughout the program.


Volunteers: for on-going service

When is service needed: Assistance is needed year-round. Program length ranges from eight weeks to six months.

Number of hours: 1-2 hours a week

Modality:  in-person only


Background check required: yes

Equipment/logistics needed: Individuals must be able to provide their own transportation to and from program locations.


Training supplied: Pi515 takes the time to train interns and volunteers. Training takes place prior to the start of the program, but individuals are also expected to learn by doing. Individuals will become familiar with the background, mission, vision, and overall goals of the organization. Individuals will also become familiar with classroom curriculum, including exercises, assignments, and projects.  No prior tech knowledge is necessary.  A variety of backgrounds and skills are greatly appreciated. We are always looking for people willing to share their time and energy with a great group of kids.

Equipment or logistics supplied: Equipment, including laptops, can be supplied if needed.


How to apply: E-mail tech@pi515.org

Contact: Rosalind Carey, (515) 518-9086,  rosalind@pi515.org


Operation information: Codes, websites, games, and robots: our students create it all.  With hands-on, cutting-edge technology, we prepare our students to keep up with the changing demands of the future.  In an increasingly digitized world, it’s easy to get left behind. Our programs give students the practical and professional skills they need to succeed in the future. Students learn responsibility, time management, and professionalism in addition to coding, web design, robotics, and more. Program leaders serve as positive role models and mentors for participants. In short, students are prepared for the future in a positive, engaging, and supportive environment.

Address: 900 Keosauqua Way #357 Des Moines, IA 50311

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