Grinnell Area Mental Health Consortium-JPK Fund

Grinnell Area Mental Health Consortium

Website: Partner Program Funds – Ahrens Family Foundation

Mission: The purpose of this fund is to serve those in the Poweshiek County area with mental health needs who are financially otherwise unable to afford services or medications.  The goals of the consortium are as follows: To serve as the link or conduit between mental health providers and those who are financially unable to afford or obtain mental health and related services.  To develop an organizational framework that can link providers to groups and organizations that identify those in need. (Schools, law enforcement, therapists, counselors, etc…)  To intentionally work to grow the fund as to provide more and more services to those in need. To serve as a possible model for other communities struggling to make mental health care to all who need it.

Location: Grinnell (0.5 miles from Grinnell College)

Needs: Current needs are for one-time events such as speaker series at Grinnell High School as well as community resource events which include a meal, a resource fair, and a speaker.


Volunteers: Yes, for one-time events, group help may also be needed for one-time events

When is service needed: Help needed for September 15, 2022 community resource event which includes a meal, a resource fair, and a speaker.

Number of hours:  Flexible, as much or little as is possible for the volunteer

Modality:  in-person only


How to apply: Apply by contacting Jennifer Cogley at Ahrens Foundation,

Contact: Jennifer Cogley, 641-236-5518, x 109,


Operation information: The goals of the fund are as follows:  To help provide financial assistance and support to as many area residents as possible who need mental health support who would otherwise be unable to obtain it.  The fund will help defray medication costs and/or assist in finding cheaper medicines or alternatives.  The fund will support educational endeavors in the areas of mental health, as well as substance abuse.

Address: 1510 Penrose St, Grinnell, IA 50112

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