Sustainable Iowa Land Trust (SILT)


Mission: The Sustainable Iowa Land Trust (SILT) is dedicated to protecting land to grow healthy food.  Our Mission: To permanently protect Iowa land to grow nature-friendly table food.  Our Vision: An Iowa sustained by wholesome food grown on community-based farms.

Location: West Branch (76 miles from Grinnell College)


  • Outreach assistance needed for making SILT’s work more visible: to  prospective landowners looking towards sustainability and preservation, promoting SILT events (prospective donors and landowners, professionals, foodies), and social media in general.
  • Organizing and hosting landowner seminars, open houses at sustainable farms, mapping farm walks.
  • We need so much assistance with visibility but have very limited capacity as a small new organization.
  • Needing computer/technology assistance with our currently cumbersome methods: with data storage and records keeping, creating and maintaining a contacts database (QR code to easily enter info at events?) as well as project management software, tracking time worked and organizing time management.
  • Maintaining connections and gratitude towards donors.
  • Assistance at the events themselves in collecting contact info, receiving donations, general checking in with people and forming contacts.
  • Bilingual assistance needed.



  • One-time events: yes
  • Ongoing: yes
  • Groups possible? We would love for a group to organize and host an event locally, to spread the word about sustainability and land preservation, both as outreach to farmers and other landowners, and to widen our financial support base. Please contact Suzan Ezrem at

When is service needed: Year round, also special event Sustainability Week, in the spring, an eastern Iowa tour of visiting regenerative, climate smart farms and camping  // year-round

Number of hours: Flexible hours, as much or little as is possible


  • In-person: yes
  • Hybrid in-person/virtual possible: yes
  • Fully virtual possible: yes


Background check required: No

Equipment/logistics needed: A laptop and cell phone would do most of the work.


Training supplied: We can train on what SILT is and how it works and will role play before letting anyone engage with the public.

Equipment or logistics supplied: We pay 50 cents per mile or for trips over 100 miles get a rental car for them (if they’re eligible to drive one).


How to apply: Apply by emailing Suzan Ezrem at

Contact: Suzan Ezrem, 319.800.8108,


Operation information: Our model takes land speculation and mortgage interest out of the equation for future healthy food farmers. The results of our work include providing affordable land access to farms near markets for our fruit and vegetable farmers. Through donations, land grants, buying land for sale, and more, we are actively protecting Iowa farmland and the families who care for it. This takes us closer and closer to a secure, healthy food production system for the future, more fresh food in our communities, clean water, fresh air, and healthy soils.

Address: 101 Main St (PO Box 306) West Branch, IA 52358

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