Investing in my Future, Inc.


Mission: Created to provide programs that assist African American children in understanding the value of an education and preparing them to take their rightful place as future leaders. IIMF assists students and parents to prepare for life beyond high school by equipping and empowering them with tools that help them navigate post-secondary education and career pathways.  Our vision is to develop today’s students to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Location: Des Moines (54 miles from Grinnell College)


Needs: We have volunteer opportunities supporting the many events and programs we offer to elementary, middle, and high school students.  Some are in-person and some are on zoom, so there are plenty of avenues for all kinds of supportive engagement.

  • Workshops on a wide range of academic, life skills, and personal well-being topics are on-going, ranging from 1-hour sessions to all-day workshops.
  • Helping with event and workshop registration day of, delivering snacks, providing logistical support for in-person and zoom events (answering questions in chat, helping trouble-shoot turning mic on/off, etc).
  • Mentoring.
  • Special events such as all-day S.T.E.A.M. workshops, taking a group of students on college tours, and Senior Recognition every May.
  • There are also opportunities to be the presenter at workshops.
  • Seeking board member with communications, marketing, and media outreach skills, and we are open to providing this board member experience to someone young and ready to learn and serve.
  • Engaging in planning committee meetings, which are typically on zoom in the evenings.
  • Helping at education fair/booth events, taking a shift at the IIMF table.



  • One-time events: yes
  • Ongoing: yes
  • Groups possible? yes

When is service needed: Programs and workshops are year-round.

Number of hours: Flexible


  • In-person: yes
  • Hybrid in-person/virtual possible: yes
  • Fully virtual possible: yes


Background check required: yes

Training supplied: 45 minute-1 hour training session covers volunteer opportunities with IIMF as well as mandatory abuse training.


How to apply: Apply online at or subscribe via our website and note that you are interested in volunteering.

Contact: Tiara Mays, Volunteer Experience: Community Coordinator, 515.991.1422,


Operation information: Investing In My Future, Inc., an Iowa non-profit corporation, was created in 2010 to provide programs that assist African American children in understanding the value of an education and preparing them to take their rightful place as future leaders.  High School dropout rates are alarming across the Nation.  This issue presents many challenges as companies struggle to find qualified candidates for job openings.  Statistics show that students not completing high school are highly prone to poverty and social failure. Unfortunately, majority of the students that dropped out of school did so in their senior year.  Targeting these students, IIMF proactively supports and encourages them to complete their high school education. Workshops and events for elementary, middle school, and high school students: mental health, essay writing, test-taking strategies, healthy relationships, self-esteem, S.T.E.A.M., organizational skills, ACT Prep, financial aid, resume writing, learning style, scholarships, careers.  College tours: The State College Tours and Black College Tour provides students with information needed to strategically prepare them for college and beyond.  They will receive an enhanced awareness of the academic programs, entrance requirements, career opportunities, financial resources, social and emotional support mechanism offered as well as the members of IIMF.  Investing In My Future, Inc. will work on securing private funding for each trip.

Address: P.O. Box 652 Des Moines, IA 50303

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