Grinnell Historical Museum

Grinnell Historical Museum: a large green Victorian home with its name on a sign out front


Mission: We are a non-profit volunteer-based organization with a mission to preserve and share the history of Grinnell, Iowa through artifacts. Grinnell was established in 1854 by Reverend Josiah B. Grinnell, Reverend Homer Hamlin, Dr. Thomas Holyoke, and Mr. Henry M. Hamilton.  From our frontier days, Grinnell morphed into a “Jewel of the Prairie,” powered by it’s manufacturing and agricultural-based economy and made noteworthy by entrepreneurs, abolitionists, and academics.

Location: Grinnell (0.1 miles from Grinnell College)

Needs: Database input for collections – training available, can be done remotely. Research for local history or artifacts. Assist with storage and preservation of photography collection. Assist with exhibits – research, labeling, arranging, etc. Provide tours to visitors create videos for YouTube Assist with website maintenance assist at events assist with presentations on Power Point or videos for YouTube



  • One-time events: yes
  • Ongoing: yes

When is service needed: Year-round needs

Number of hours: Flexible, as much or little as is possible


  • In-person: yes
  • Hybrid in-person/virtual possible: yes
  • Fully virtual possible: yes

Prerequisites: Occasional research needs would be handled individually as they became necessary – students should have research skills, we will provide advice for search strategies.


Training supplied: For onsite work: training includes accessing the building and general maintenance tasks, use of computer, alarm system, location of resources, training to use the database, training to locate and store artifacts Remote tasks: accessing the online database, training to use the database and make additions and corrections to the database.

Equipment or logistics supplied: It is an easy walk from the college to the museum.


How to apply: Apply via email:, contact Ann Igoe.

Contact: Ann Igoe, 641-236-7827,  641-260-1544 (cell),


Operation information: Throughout its history, the Grinnell Historical Museum has been operated by volunteers. The Museum offers its volunteers a unique opportunity to utilize their historical skills and interests in the service of the community.   They match assignments with the volunteers’ available time and interests and provide training.

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