City of Grinnell


Mission: Grinnell City Government

Location: Grinnell (0.5 miles from Grinnell College)

Needs: Community outreach Communications assistance (social media, etc.) Photography – expand out photo library. Small project plan development (sidewalk improvements in a focused area for example). Tree maintenance on newly planted trees after derecho. Providing city information in formats for non-English speaking populations. GIS data entry and mapping. There would be opportunities in every function we serve: water, wastewater, storm water, recycling, solid waste, parks, recreation, building and planning, library, police, fire, emergency medical services, streets, administration, airport, and economic/community development which includes historic preservation, downtown development, grant writing, housing, etc.



  • One-time events: yes
  • Ongoing: yes
  • Groups possible? Groups are welcome


When is service needed: Year round:  We are flexible. If someone has the interest and commitment we will find time to coordinate.

Number of hours: Flexible hours, as much or little as is possible for the volunteer


  • In-person: yes
  • Hybrid in-person/virtual possible: yes
  • Fully virtual possible: yes


Background check required: yes

Equipment/logistics needed: One would need sunscreen, appropriate clothing for the work, and the ability to travel to city facilities. Most are within walking distance of campus.


Training supplied: We may require (and supply) safety training depending on the assignment.

Equipment or logistics supplied: We would supply most equipment.


How to apply: Apply by e-mail, contact Russell L. Behrens at

Contact: Russell L. Behrens, (641) 236-2600,

Address: 520 4th Ave, Grinnell

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