Anawim Housing


Mission: Anawim Housing develops stable homes and strengthens communities. At Anawim Housing, we have been serving our Mission for over 30 years and yet our biggest challenges are ahead of us.  More people need more homes. According to a Report by the National Low Income Housing Coalition, Polk County is short more than 8,000 affordable housing units for residents who earn less than 60 percent of the area’s median income. Extremely low-income families cannot afford to live in 60 percent of central Iowa rent units. On any given day, 2,500 Iowans are experiencing homelessness.  A well-established leader in affordable housing development and management, Anawim Housing is sought out by public entities, community organizations, faith communities and for-profit & non-profit owners.

Our expertise includes: Real estate development, Real estate development, Comprehensive property management services, Community engagement and expertise, Strong reputation as a trusted partner, Entrepreneurial approach to our social mission.

Location: Des Moines (48 miles from Grinnell College)

Needs: If you have a passion for aiding the mission of supportive permanent housing and a particular skill set you would like to offer or pursue that we have not brought up in our needs below, please contact us!

Needs include:

  • data management: ensuring accuracy and relevance, creating info sheets for contiuum of care/ HMIS system
  • Direct service with clients  Furniture is greatly needed: setting up pipelines to obtain good furniture for clients and physical act of obtaining it and transporting it to storage or directly to a client
  • Providing rides to appointments
  • Fundraising (for needs including a cell phone fund and an Uber/ride fund)
  • Assistance with contingency management, helping clients achieve goals and benchmarks
  • Education/advocacy needed for the benefits of permanent supportive housing to balance pervasive NIMBY-ism (Not In My BackYard)



  • One-time events: no
  • Ongoing: yes
  • Groups possible? yes, for fundraising activities


When is service needed: Year-round, busiest time of year is grant season, August and September

Number of hours: Flexible, as much or little as is possible for the volunteer


  • In-person: yes
  • Hybrid in-person/virtual possible: yes
  • Fully virtual possible: Yes, possible


Equipment/logistics needed: None needed


Training supplied: Training and guidance is supplied as needed for the service


How to apply: Contact Jeremy Orcutt at (515) 244-8308 or

Contact: Jeremy Orcutt, Director of Program and Services, (515) 244-8308, or


Operation information: Today, Anawim Housing is the largest provider of Permanent Supportive Housing in the state of Iowa. Managing over 536 housing units, Anawim provides stable housing to 380 individuals who have experienced homelessness and live with a mental illness, substance use disorder, physical disability, diagnosis of HIV/AIDS, or are fleeing domestic violence, and 1,200 individuals as a whole we are currently serving.

Address: 1535 Linden Street. Suite 100B  Des Moines, IA 50309

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